I miss you.


‘And to him you shall return.’ – Quran 10:56

‘You’ll eventually forget about him.’ That’s what everyone said. Its been 2 years since you left us dadda aboo and Its eid tomorrow. I wish you were here. I wish you would keep your hand on my head and say ‘jeetay raho meray laal.’ No one does that anyone and everything fell apart after you left. I remember how you used to get ready before baba and taya on eid and say, ‘jaldi karo, namaz ka waqt hogaya hai.’ Im writing this for you because there is a void in my heart and it will always be there because you arent here. And i know, that if you were here then things would have been so different. We would all be together.. but we arent. It hurts. The house began to feel empty so we sold it. It wasnt easy to give it to someone else. Not for me at least. Ab koi aur rahay gaa humaray ghar mein. Sab kuch hi khatam hogaya uskay saath.. Everything now seems like pieces of a broken mirror.. broken beyond repair.

Lekin aap ab waapis tou nahein aao gay. And there isnt a day when I dont think about you. I wish there were more people like you in the world.You set an example on how to lead a wonderful life.
It hurts to know that youre no longer with us anymore. That I wont get to see your beautiful face everyday. I know that youre in a better place now and thats what makes me happy.
I hope youre happy too because I miss you dadda aboo. I miss you.
I miss your hugs too. Im listening to this.  im crying because It reminds me of you. I love you. 



Tajdar e haram, ho nigah-e-karam.
Hum ghareebon ke din bhi sanwarjayenge. ❤


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